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Sale of Nuclei (Colonies) and Legislation

What should beekeepers take care about when buying nuclei or colonies.

In other words, what type of examination must be secured by a beekeeper selling nuclei or colonies.

Export of nuclei (colonies) has to comply with both EU and CZ directives. EU legislation covering this subject matter is Council Directive 92/65/EEC of 1992 Article 8, which reads as follows:

Member States shall ensure that bees (Apis melifera) may be the subject of trade only if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Come from an area which is not the subject of a prohibition order associated with an occurrence of American foulbrood.
    The period of prohibition must continue for at least 30 days following the last recorded case and the date on which all hives within a radius of three kilometres have been checked by the competent authority and all infected hives burned or treated and inspected to the satisfaction of the said competent authority.
  2. Are accompanied by a health certificate corresponding to the specimen in Annex E the declaration in which is completed by the competent authority to certify that the requirements laid down in 1. are met.

In 2012 our sites were subjected to laboratory tests on the following diseases:
American foulbrood                       Bacillus larvae
Tracheal mites                                Acarapis woodi
Nosema disease                             Nosema apis or Nosema ceranae
Varroasis                                        Varroa destructor
Small Hive Beetle Infestation           Aethina Tumida – this disease has not spread to the Czech Republic

Competent Veterinary Administration allows in writing transport of colonies on the basis of these laboratory tests. For transport of colonies within the Czech Republic tests on Varroasis and American foulbrood are essential.